Routing Oracle AQ messages using Apache Camel in ServiceMix

I’ve been working with Apache ServiceMix lately and I expect to carry on doing in next months. One of the issues I’ve faced is how to route messages between software based on Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ) and other systems, using one of the main components of Apache ServiceMix: Camel. In this post, I’d like to start talking about the approach I’ve selected. I’m still working with XA, so this is just the beginning! The code of my proof of concept is on github.

The first topic I had to study was how to deploy the libraries needed to work with Oracle AQ: aqapi.jar and ojdbc6.jar I started embedding the jar files on the bundle, but this approach implies that the libraries have to be attached to each bundle, so I finally decided to create a feature that wraps the files and converts them to OSGI bundles. This is the first module of my code repository, called feature.

Then, I started to work in a basic connection, using the Camel JMS component, by injecting an Oracle AQ connection factory bean. You have my code on the second module of the project, called basic-test. But this solution is not scalable, because the component creates a JMS connection, which implies a JDBC one, each time a message is sent and this is an expensive process, so I investigate the use of connection pools.

The question I had to study at this point was if I just had to create a JDBC connection pool or a JMS one, I selected the second option because a JMS connection not only implies a JDBC connection, as I said before, but also other stuff of JMS api. A very, very basic benchmark showed me that my test environment (Apache Service Mix 6.0.0, Oracle 11.2.0 database on virtual machines) took 3 seconds in sending 100 messages on the performance test, versus 14 seconds on the basic one.

On the other hand, receiving messages test results weren’t so impressive, I tested competing consumers and asynchronous parameters (which cannot be uses in all use cases). My configuration is in the module performance-test of the github code repository, where you can play with the configuration parameters of the bundle and get your own conclusions.


4 Comments on “Routing Oracle AQ messages using Apache Camel in ServiceMix”

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  2. Hi, Paco
    Do you use database with AL32UTF8 charset?
    When I interact with non-UTF8 database, I got following error

    JMS-120: Dequeue failed; nested exception is oracle.jms.AQjmsException: JMS-122: Internal error Corrupted message

    Have you any advice?

  3. Elmar Matthee says:

    I’m tasked with trying to dequeue RAW type messages from an oracle AQ to Camel. Any idea how one would go about that? Everywhere just seems to talk about JMS types but our current implementation (Oracle InterConnect), uses RAW type… Thanks.

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