Researching the HornetQ REST interface

I’ve been studying the HornetQ REST interface during the last weeks, because I consider it’s a very good solution if you have an application that uses JMS and you want to integrate messages from a third party that doesn’t use Java language. This is the first post of the ones I’ve decided to write about this issue and, in this case, the first task is to configure and install the interface.

As usual, it’s important to review the user’s manual of the technology, this time the HornetQ REST interface one.  One important restriction in my case was that I had to use the version 4.2.1 GA of the JBoss Application Server, with HornetQ 2.2.5 as its messaging provider. Therefore, the pom.xml file proposed by the manual had to be changed, in order to add the dependency on the RESTEasy libraries and the 1.5 Java version for both the source and target code:

<project xmlns="" 




Here you have a link to my Maven project, I hope it will be useful for you.


2 Comments on “Researching the HornetQ REST interface”

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